When undergoing any oral surgery, it’s important that you fully and completely understand how to care for yourself both before and after the procedure to ensure optimal results. At Utah Facial & Oral Surgery, we provide patients with instructions for both pre- and post-operative care to help them achieve the results they desire with a quick and comfortable recovery period. Whether you visit our office for a general or wisdom tooth extraction, or you are in need of a dental implant or sinus lift, we will provide you with guidelines for how to take care of yourself.

Typically, each patient receives general pre-operative instructions with guidelines to follow before coming into the office for surgery, with instructions about what to wear and when to stop eating. Additionally, depending on the procedure, each patient will receive specific post-operative instructions, which outline the steps the patient should follow upon returning home after their procedure. It’s vital that you understand each set of instructions given to you to ensure you properly recover. If you have any questions about your instructions, please contact our office right away so we can clear up any confusion.