At Utah Facial & Oral Surgery, we are fortunate to see a lot of our patients based on the referral of local dental professionals such as dentists, orthodontists, prosthodontists, and more. Patients often don’t realize that they have a problem that needs addressing from an oral surgeon until their dental professional alerts them of its presence. We are grateful to have many local professionals detecting these issues and appreciate the opportunity they provide us to treat their patients and give them back their smiles.

While dentists are qualified to treat a variety of oral conditions, there are certain issues that are more severe and require attention from an oral surgeon. Whether it’s wisdom teeth extractions, tooth replacement, or treatment of a jaw disorder, we have patients referred to us for all sorts of reasons. We are always glad to see patients referred to us and are thankful to each local professional that we get to work with. If you’d like to hear from these professionals about why exactly they love referring their patients to us, please watch the videos below.

Amy’s Office Refers Oral Surgery Patients
Dr. Watts Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Dr. Brimley Refers Oral Surgery Patients
Hear From Aspiring Dentist Jimmy