Middle Aged Female Model with Dental ImplantsAfter having dental implants placed, you are probably anxious to start enjoying your new teeth. After all, it can be quite a transformative experience. However, you will still need to go through the recovery process, including healing from the incisions made to your gums when placing dental implants. Our surgeons use dissolvable stitches to help your gums heal, and your new implants stay protected in the jaw. But how long do these stitches have to stay in place?

The Timeline for Dissolving Stitches

Your surgeon will use what is called dissolvable stitches rather than the kind that needs to be manually removed. This means you will not need a second procedure to have them taken out. Rather, these stitches will dissolve over time, gradually disappearing or falling out until they are completely gone.

Every patient has a slightly different experience with their stitches, depending on their healing abilities and the type of stitches we use, but usually, this process takes one to two weeks. Some patients may find their stitches come out even earlier; as long as there is no pain or bleeding, this should be fine. Our surgeons can provide more details on what you can expect in your recovery instructions.

What Happens If My Stitches Don’t Come Out?

If it has been more than one or two weeks and the stitches for the dental implants are still in place, Utah County patients should let us know immediately. This is not a significant complication, but it will still need to be addressed. He will cut away the remaining stitch, so it is no longer attached to the gum. At this point, the wound should be closed, so there is no more need to leave the stitch in place.

Why would a stitch not dissolve? Sometimes, if the stitch escapes from inside the gums, it cannot be properly absorbed by the body. Usually, the body’s fluids slowly break down the stitch, but when the stitch sits on the outside of the body, it doesn’t get enough contact with fluids to dissolve. It is still doing what it needs to do (keep the wound closed while healing), but it may require manual removal.

How to Care for Your Stitches

Of course, you should do a few things to ensure your dental implant sutures stay in place while the gums are healing. These include:

  • Avoid touching the area, especially with the hands or teeth.
  • Use a special mouthwash to rinse the mouth gently.
  • Skip brushing the teeth/gums in the treatment area.

Following any other post-procedure instructions provided by our surgeons is also essential to ensure proper healing.

Learn More About Dental Implants

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